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You´re only 3 steps away from finding a profesional internship and getting a company, a start-up or a hotel to become a training centre where you´ll be able to apply your university knowledge, improve your languages, and live a 360-degree experience.

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You have got hundreds of placement offers in countries such as Spain, France, Mexico and Germany at hand, in companies and hotels: All internship offers you see here have been published by our consultants and are from trusted organisations.

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We offer you all the important information about the stages of the process, fees and, ultimately, the details of how we can help you find a professional internship with good conditions and backed by reputable companies.

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The 6 tips for your CV to stand out

Make sure you provide all contact information

You could be left without a placement if you forget to include your telephone number and e-mail address. Make sure it doesn´t happen to you.

Be sincere showing your objectives

Choose to be sincere, and indicate your objectives in a short introductory paragraph: Why are you applying for an internship? What do you want to learn? How can you contribute?

Read and check your CV various times

When you finally think you´ve finished, read the document again, and then again. You´ll often find errors; in the end we are all human.

Adapt your CV to each recruitment process

You wear formal clothes to the office, and a swimsuit to the beach. Get information about the internship company, and ¨dress¨ your CV accordingly.

Your language skills are important

If you speak foreign languages, don´t forget to include this information in your CV. If you don´t know any, start learning: the future you will thank you for that.

Promote your visibility on the Internet

Although you might not like it, your name is on the Internet. Don´t fight it. Take advantage of it including links to your LinkedIn profile, to your blogs or other social networks that might be of interest.

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Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

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