Since 2005 we’ve been helping hundreds of students to find unforgettable placements in companies, SMEs, and hotels

Register your application by sending your CV, obtain information about the process, and prepare for interviews which will get you closer to finding a professional internship

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

Register and open a personal account; it’s free and it will only take a few seconds!

Find your internship with IES Consulting in just 6 steps

1. Initial contact: Register

You can contact us in three ways:

During the initial contact you can ask about anything in order to clear your doubts before starting the recruitment process.

2. First interview – Get informed

  • Use our browser to choose offers of your interest.
  • Prepare yourself for the initial interview during which we’ll inform you about the details of the process.
  • Access your personal profile, My Account, with a username and a password after the first interview.
  • Accept the General Terms of Service in your personal profile.
  • Tell us about your availability for the second interview.

3. Second interview - Decide

  • Show your best abilities during the interview.
  • Specify the reason why you want to do the internship.
  • If the interview goes well, we’ll send you the name of the company and the details of the offer by e-mail.
  • Read the e-mail carefully: Get to know the company and the details of the offer.
  • Decide if you want us to present your application and send us an e-mail indicating if you want to proceed or not.

4. Final interview – Pass it

  • Prepare yourself to speak with the company´s manager.
  • Pass the final interview..
  • After the interview, send us your feedback about how you felt and what result you expect by e-mail.
  • Be patient: The company will let us know know what their final decision is a few days after that interview.

5. Favourable decision! – Pay the fee

  • Congratulations! You´ve been accepted..
  • We´ll send you a letter of acceptance which confirms that the company has accepted you as an intern.
  • We will also send you an invoice so that you can pay our fee.
  • Pay the fee (you´ll have three business days for that) and reserve your internship.
  • Send us the payment receipt by e-mail.

6. Documents and trip – Follow instructions

  • We´ll send you the list of documents required for the internship by e-mail.
  • We´ll help you prepare the Internship agreement and/or the Erasmus+ scholarship..
  • We´ll give you advice about the trip and accommodation.
  • Follow our instructions and send us the required documents by the established deadline.
  • Travel and enjoy your internship!

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

Register and open a personal account; it’s free and it will only take a few seconds!

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